reading and spelling card games

With five, fun, fast-paced games in every pack, play Got it educational games to improve reading and spelling.

Got it learning spread out with the cards on the side.

What is Got it learning ?

Got it games are the ideal resource to learn to read and spell. Every game is quick to learn and exciting to play. Each game can be played with 2-4 players and  takes 5 – 10 minutes. Perfect to use with small groups or one to one, both at school and home. Move up the sets, mastering the reading and spelling of high frequency words. Use our handy reading sheet on the shop page to identify the best starting set.

Included in each pack

Got it learning set 1

Set 1

 Includes words like: dad, get, his, not, but

Got it learning set 2

Set 2

 Includes words like: that, back, ship, much, long

Got it learning

Set 3

 Includes words like: main, feels, sigh, coats, soon

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Set 4

 Includes words like: hood, far, born, hurt, how 

Got it learning set 5

Set 5

 Includes words like: soil, clear, pairs, figure, under 

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Reading and spelling card games

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