Improve Reading and Spelling

In line with the National Curriculum and containing useful high frequency words, Got it games is a systematic synthetic phonics reading and spelling resource. It has graded stages to reinforce and consolidate knowledge. Use the assessment sheet to find the correct starting point.  Adult support will ensure successful learning in a fun environment. Build up confidence with the reading version, before introducing the spelling. Children will need to retain words to give them the best chance of winning. The special Got it! cards keep all players engaged right to the end of game. 


Learning how to read and spell with got it learning.

Dyslexia Friendly and

These games have target sounds in blue to help break down the fine sounds within words, to support reading and spelling. Whilst playing the five games, children are encouraged to read all words out loud and write all spellings, reinforcing phonic patterns. Picture prompt cards for all sounds help children to independently read the words and link the sound to the picture. The chosen font is simple, clear and dyslexia friendly. The games are designed to help engage children, support concentration and boost confidence. 



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