Cookies Policy and Privacy Policy

Cookies Policy

Performance cookies.

These cookies are used to provide us with information on how visitors use the website and the web pages that they visit. This helps to improve the design and structure of the website to best improve customer experience.

Targeting cookies

Targeting cookies are used to create a visitor profile from identifying the links that a user clicks on and we may use the information to make the content shown more personalised. We may also share this information with third parties for retargeted advertising.

Shop cookies

The site will use cookies to remember the items in an individual’s basket. This ensures that the user can continue looking around the site without having to locate the previous product. In addition, if the user exits the site, cookies will remember the products which were in their basket.

Privacy policy

Email marketing

If users agree to subscribe, emails are used to contact recipients on new product launches and special discount offers. Email addresses are obtained when the user enters their details on the home page on the website, which is in-line with GDPR. At any point, subscribers can unsubscribe by contacting and the user’s email will be deleted from the database.

Data storage

The personal data obtained by Got it Learning, is only used for the purpose of the business. The data is stored on a secure password-protected server. Got it Learning will not pass on or distribute any personal data.

Payment information

When a product is purchased, the payment information is processed by Stripe or PayPal depending on the user’s choice. Once the transaction is successful the CVC code is deleted.

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