Word Match

Players need to be on the ball to spot the sound matches. Cover all four of your cards to win the game. By picking up a Got it! card, players can either choose to reduce their opponents’ chance of winning or take the opportunity to cover up their own cards. Momentum is key, but reading and spelling consistency is essential.  


Word Sets

Collecting word sets reinforces the sounds in words. Be the first to read or spell three words sets to win the game. Take advantage of the Got it! card to help make a set.  When picking up and discarding cards, the players can choose a high or low risk strategy to win the game. 

Word Pairs

Spot the matching sounds to collect as many word pairs as possible. The Got it! card gives a player the option to take an opponent’s word pair or make their own. This ensures that all players are kept engaged in the game until the end. The player with the most word pairs is the winner.  

Word Switch

The aim of the game is to get rid of your cards by matching sounds. The card in the middle of the table displays the sound in play and gets switched throughout the game. Nothing is guaranteed as the word being switched can change the fortunes of the players. This game focuses players’ attention on sounds, a vital skill when learning how to read and spell words.

Word Race

Word Race is a fast-paced game. The winner is the first to discard all their cards by reading the words correctly. If a player needs support to read or spell the word, the card remains in their hand, creating reinforcement using over learning. A Got it! card can change the dynamic of the game, allowing the player to discard additional cards.